Why It’s Good to Consolidate Your Insurance

When you hear the word consolidation, credit card debt usually comes to mind. However, this isn't the only type of financial payment that can be consolidated. You may not be aware that you’re able to consolidate all of your insurance plans as well. Also known as insurance bundling, this option makes it possible to combine homeowners or renters insurance with your car insurance and perhaps other policies as well in order to get them all rated together. Here are a few reasons why consolidating your insurance is a good idea.

Saving Money Obviously, the biggest benefit that comes with consolidating insurance is being able to save money. Paying for multiple insurance plans can be costly, especially if the rates increase. In addition, every type of insurance has a different price, and keeping track of the various plans can become confusing. Consolidating your insurance can relieve you of this burden by combining all of your insurance payments into one.The process usually results in lower premiums. As a result, you’ll be able to manage them much more easily, and you'll probably save a few extra dollars as well.

All Your Vehicles in One Place Consolidating your insurance plans does more than simply save you money. If you have multiple vehicles, it will also make sure that everything you own is properly protected. This means that your cars, boats and motorcycles will be on the same insurance plan, which can be a lifesaver for high-risk drivers. In fact, studies show that distracted drivers cause many accidents, and being the distracted driver can affect your insurance. This arrangement is one way to lower your rates.

Diverse Options Most insurance companies offer tiers for customers who decide to consolidate their insurance. In fact, it is extremely common for insurance companies to offer customers who have more than one policy with them a bundle. As such, you'll receive only one bill from your carrier.

Consolidating your insurance needs into one overall package can save you both time and money. If you’re struggling to keep up with your insurance plans, take the time to shop around and find a carrier that offers bundles best suited for your insurance purposes.

Clearly, consolidating your insurance has many benefits. In addition to saving money every month, bundling insurance under one umbrella helps at tax time. You can also add other family members into this insurance package to maximize savings. Each insurance company has its own rates and discounts, so it's always best to research several prior to choosing one.

If you’d like to consolidate your insurance with us, contact us and we can help you to make it happen!