Health and Safety Go Hand in Hand – 3 Protective Practices for Truckers

Truckers are one of the backbones of America. Without their dedication and willingness to drive for endless amounts of time, Americans would have a hard time getting the products they love. But truckers need to take care of themselves. It isn’t the healthiest or safest job in the world, so you must do everything in your power to keep yourself safe.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential to maintain good health and mental clarity. When you are on the road for half the day, sleep also keeps you alert and prevents tragic accidents. Is it even possible to get a good night’s rest in a tiny truck bed?

Thankfully, it is! Your efforts in preparing to sleep will help when you can park in a truck stop. First, you should avoid drinking heavily caffeinated drinks. Second, stay off your phone for at least an hour for you need to sleep. Third, commit to a sleep schedule. While this may be difficult in some circumstances, it will help your body feel better.


Use Proper Form When Lifting Cargo

You also need to keep yourself safe when unloading your truck. You will more than likely be carrying a lot of heavy materials that can strain you over long periods. Protect your back by lifting with your legs instead of bending down to pick up containers. Wear a back brace if necessary. If you become injured on the job, workers' compensation can help cover medical costs and make up for a portion of the income you lose while you're out due to a work-related injury.


Find Ways to Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is essential in this line of work. Because you are sitting for ten hours a day, it is unlikely you will get much exercise. This makes eating healthy foods all the more essential. While it may seem impossible, with careful planning and effort it can be easier than you think.

For starters, avoid picking up carb-heavy snacks and sugary foods. While they can be a great treat every once in a while, loading up on them constantly will lead to weight gain. On your off day, pick up some healthier snack options like nuts, fruits, and light grains. You can eat meats when you stop but reduce the amount of fat you consume as well.


Safety and protection are crucial for any employee, but especially for a truck driver. Make smart decisions. Plan to be healthy. You will be safe and continue your hard work without any problem!

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